Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gettin' After It

I was off work today since I am working a fundraiser Sunday, so I decided to get the party started with a nice am run. I love morning runs. Why? Because I suck at evening runs, seriously I have no energy and whine non-stop when I run after work. Flaherty can so vouch for me on that.

I got up at 8:30am and it was dark and windy and rainy.


At first I was a little pissy and then it hit me... at least you won't be hot. So, I got my gear on and headed out. It wasn't a great run (pace in the 10's) since I am not all that in shape right now, but I was glad I went. I was also glad it was over when I had 22 mph winds gusting in my face the whole way home.

5 miles. Hollahh
I am packing my crap for Dam to Dam 20k on Saturday. I should be crazy excited since this is my favorite race ever, but of course I'm nervous since I'm under trained. Whatever happens... run...walk...crawl...finish

Here's my Thursday weigh-in. I'm not hauling a scale to Des Moines tomorrow night, so I'll update ya'll Saturday night.

A little bit of progress.



Day One: 3.1 miles 
Day Two: 1 mile (190 lbs)
Day Three: 1 Mile (190 lbs)
Day Four: 5 miles (188.5 lbs)
Runner's World Summer 2012 Streak Total: 10.1 miles

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day #3: Walk it Out

Yep, I woke up with a tight left leg today. Since I have tomorrow off and was planning on a nice morning run, I opted for a quick walking mile on the treaddie tonight after work.

One walking mile. Epic, I know. 

I totally could have walked longer, but I'm tired and the fact that I'll be in bed before midnight for the first time in a month is quite a victory.

After this glass of cab sav, of course.

Did I mention I have a 20k on Saturday and a Ragnar next week?

Flying by the seat of my tight pants people.

Oh and this...

Decadences? 2 mini Three Musketeer Bars and 4 Nutter Butters.

Victories? I drank 2 liters of water and a big bottle of G2 trying to be hydrated and ready for Saturday. Raspberry Lemonade is the most delicious G2 flavor ever.



Day One: 3.1 miles 
Day Two: 1 mile (190 lbs)
Day Three: 1 Mile (190 lbs)
Runner's World Summer 2012 Streak Total: 5.1 miles

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Run Streak Day Two

Well, I eeped in my mile. Just now- I inadvertently got caught up reading a book on my Kindle and BAAM it is 10:30 p.m.

I feel like the hours I spend outside of work pass in mere seconds. Anyway, motivated by the mini snickers and rolos I snacked on during a long meeting and you know... the shame of not doing anything... I kept the streak alive. 

Yep, ONE MILE that was barely sub 10 busted out to the first three tracks of this album that has pretty much been on repeat since Friday...

At first I was kind of like BOO one mile on day two is weaksauce, but I think I was missing the purpose of the Run Streak. So, let me lay some purpose on ya. Without the streak, I would have read on my couch for at least another hour and then retired to bed ending the day without any physical activity. BOO. Instead, inspired by the streaking, I got off my ass at 10:40pm and busted out a mile in my basement. I took 10 minutes to be more focused on health. Don't focus on the distance, it is the time and the effort we are putting on being healthy and happy that makes the Streak so fabulous.

Oh and last things last...

There it is. 


Day One: 3.1 miles 
Day Two: 1 mile (190 lbs)
Runner's World Summer 2012 Streak Total: 4.1 miles

Whew it is not too late!

I almost completely forgot about the newest and greatest summer 2012 run streak! I know a bunch of you cool folks are already on the wagon, so please make some room for me.

Runner's World is hosting another sweeeeet run streak stretching from YESTERDAY to the 4th of July. The rule is to log at least one mile everyday. Even I, at my laziest and/or whiniest, have 10 minutes to run a slow as molasses mile. I know you must too!

Since I've been lacking in the motivation department, I'm getting on board. I'm also going to post a bloggy everyday, even if I only include my daily mileage and running total. Oh and I think I'll get my weight on there too. Yep, I have also been inspired by Ben's daily weigh-ins so might as well join that fun.

Let the Summer of Accountability begin!
How are you staying accountable this summer in the face of all those BBQs and beers?
Are you run streaking? Even if you missed yesterday, run today and add a mile! Let's do this!


RWrunstreak total: 3.1 miles
I'll do a quick update tonight after I run and weigh. Gulp.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Do Life Tour Stop in Cedar Rapids

Okay, first I should probably admit to you all that I hadn't laced up in 9 days. If it weren't for the little Do Life tour 5k coming through CR tonight... I may have gone on to a 10th day.

What is the whole Do Life Movement? Well, I could try to describe it or you could just watch "the video"... if you haven't already seen it.

Seriously, that is freakin' epic.

Since I am also in the massive weight loss club, I felt pretty connected to the lows of being really overweight and so uncomfortable in your own skin... to the highs of being fit and strong. I can relate to this story and I imagine that most people, whether they've struggled with 5lbs, 500lbs or just a spot of depression can too.

I have also been thinking about what happens AFTER losing a lot of weight. Once it is finally gone, you can't imagine ever back sliding or going back to the clean plate club, but it happens. Correction, it CAN happen. Ben himself has shared via blog his back slide over the winter and his renewed commitment to a "summer of accountability" and that is something I can probably relate to the most.

Of course, Flaherty was there to represent!
When I signed in for the tour event tonight, you were also offered a chance to share how many lbs you've lost. I wanted to write my token 125, but today is was really 102. Yeah, disappointing, but it was a tough winter and like Ben I am so trying to get back on that wagon.

I think the trick is to raise myself up because I when focus on poor choices I've made, I only want to make them again because I can never be perfect. So tonight, even though I was feeling less than fit and fantastic, I met up with the Do Life Tour at Sokol Park.
Photo by Ben, yes he is on the far right, but he set up the shot.
I loved seeing an amazing variety of folks. Young and old, big and little, fast and slow. Lots of smiles and "great jobs" and even though my run wasn't as smooth as I had hoped, man I was so glad I bothered to show up.

Sense of self renewed, yet again.

Ben and some Goob that can't just smile like a normal person for a picture.
Thanks to Ben and Pa Davis for stopping! I think it is incredible that they just go city to city, selling shirts and   meeting up with followers inspired my their message. Man, I admire those fellas for sure.

If you're in Minneapolis... they are headed your way tomorrow!!!

Here's the link for the rest of the tour too!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BFF Staycation

I spent the last nine days not working and I must say, I would not find it too difficult to become a full-time lady of leisure.

If only.

7 of those 9 days were spent with my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Emily! Emily and I met sheesh 10 years ago. Crap I just realized it has been that long. We both worked at the same crap hole known as Hastings Entertainment in Missoula, Montana. For some reason she still decided to befriend me- even though I was only 17 and having a hard time letting go of my love for *Nsync. Yep, yep you read that right.

Anyway, fast forward through college, odd jobs, odder boyfriends, leaving Montucky and a wedding and here we are. Happy 10 friend-i-versary, Pooper Doll.

So, on to the staycation haps.

DOWNTOWN ABBEY! OMGEEE why did I not watch that show before now?? We marathoned the first two seasons, mostly while eating ice cream and drinking wine.

Emily ran! Yep, she drank the Kool-Aid and the crazy thing was… she wasn’t THAT slow. I know. Plus, who rocks a 4 mile run/walk their first time out. If I’m being honest, she didn’t roll in all that far behind me. We ran three times and a total of 11 miles. BOOYAH. Being the best good friend I am, I had to hook her up with a cute outfit. Cute running outfits make the world go-round. 

Food. Clean eating wasn’t really a priority so we ate pub food and French food as often as the law would allow. Oh and pizza.

Hoodie Allen. I had a mad crush on Hoodie until I realized he is only 23 and an Ivy League grad who also worked for Google and has released three albums independently.

God, that just makes me feel lazy. Anyway, we were the oldest ladies at his rap show, but I had a good time shaking my boo-tay.

HUNGER GAMES! After an assload of pressure from moi, Emily finished the Hunger Games book one and we headed to the movie. Verdict? Friggin’ sweet. Obviously. Insert popcorn and Sprees- extra sweet.
Cats! Emily loved my cats and they certainly loved her.
Oh and did I mention that we slept in MOST days, all while being in bed for 11pm every night. Yep, you youngsters... this is the kind of hard partying YOU have to look forward to.
Verdict? Staying home and being a slug totally makes your vacation feel INFINITELY longer and it definitely helps if your BFF is there to share in the fun.
I miss you Emilz, come back!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Haps

Man, I am more than halfway through a CRAZY week at work.

Why? I am on vacation all next week.

So? I cannot say "No" to people and I have a stack chin high to finish by Friday. I have this irrational fear that the second I'm out of the office, everyone suddenly becomes dissatisfied with either the quality or the volume of work I produce. Do I have any reason to think that? Umm no. Am I just a paranoid people pleaser? Umm yes.

Anyway... I am not going anywhere for my vacation... but The Scheers will be entertaining a guest...

Blog Friends... Meet the Coolest Non-Runner, Non-Blogger, Sarcastic, wine-drinking, knitter ever...
Okay, this may be my favorite picture of her... ever.
Emily & Falon
MY BFF is invading Iowa as of Midnight on Friday! I haven't seen her in almost two years and that is just wayyyy too long. So there will be lots of chatting, drinking, a little exercising and I'm going to finally start Downtown Abbey. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Okay aside from vacation I've been pretty BAMF this week. We got a grill this weekend so I've been using it nightly to make lean proteins and veggies. Yep, three days of eating clean under my belt. Thoughts? It is kind of bitch, but that just makes me realize how crappy a lot of the food I was eating was. I'm not going nutso and restricting fruit sugar or carbs or anything. If I want some banana soft serve, I eat that shit and I am grateful to not be stuffing my face with DQ. 

Today's Breakdown. Yes, I am a protein ho, clearly.
Throw a 4 mile run and 30 minutes of yoga on that and I still eeeped away with a deficit. Gah, I wish it was as easy to lose the winter lbs as it was to pack them on. MF

When was the last time you saw your BFF?

Have you tried the frozen banana soft serve thing yet? Love it? Hate it?