Monday, April 30, 2012

Illinois Half Marathon Recap

Well to say that I was a little nervous about this race would be putting it mildly. As you know I spent all of winter being pretty lazy and mopey and generally lame. I signed up for this race months earlier and I really thought I'd be primed for a PR.

Fast forward to April. Goals adjusted. I really just wanted to finish under 2:30- for some reason that time says "good enough" to me.

When the alarm dinged at 5am, I was tired and cold and the rain was-a-pouring down.


I got dressed and wandered to the hotel lobby to see what I could scare up coffee wise. I had scarfed my banana and granola bar they handed out post 5k last night. Perfecto. I got two tiny cups of coffee, a bagel that I didn't eat and a glass of oj.

Lisa and I headed toward the stadium around 6:00ish. Traffic was light and parking was easy. It was cold, but I knew layering anything heavier would be a mistake so I settled for being chilled pre-race.

Enthusiastic? Abso-freakin-lutely!
6am Beauty Queen? You bet your ass.
As the race got closer, I started to get some of that old time excitement. My mood lightened and hell, I knew I'd live so why fret. They opted for a wave start this year and while it took me a whole 15 minutes to cross the start... I was grateful that a lot of congestion seemed to be eliminated. I had to weave a tad in the first 3 miles or so, but beyond that the course opened up nicely.

The first 3-5 miles of any race are the worst for me because I'm a slow to start gal. It takes me time to wake up, hit my stride and get with the program. I kept checking my watch and boy that didn't help. I finally surrendered to my bladder and hit the bathrooms at the half way point. 4 minutes lost seems like a small price to pay for the comfort of an empty bladder. In the past, I would have done just about anything to avoid a non-emergency bano stop, but it just seemed dumb to be miserable for the rest of the race.

Post bano break I was feeling all kinds of AWESOME!
Hammer don't hurt 'em!

The rest of the race literally flew by. Highlights?

Favorite sign: You've trained longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage.

Aches: Not the foot or the knees, but the inside of my left elbow. Weird... I know. I must have been extra clenchy or something. Also. I got a nice bra band burn on my back that I didn't notice until my shower. 

Horror of horrors: I saw the worst chafing I have ever seen in my life on a gal's inner thighs. She was in front of me climbing a hill and she was bleeding. There were still 5 miles to go, so if she finished... red badge of courage forever.

Favorite road side treat: BACON

Yep, you read that right. I happened upon a road side oasis touting Mimosas, Beer and Bacon. I thought to myself... that is awesome... you could use the salt. I totally took bacon off a stranger's grill and it tasted fabulous. I do almost ANYTHING to avoid eating whatever fuel I'm carrying. It just NEVER sounds good when I need it. So yes- I drink the Gatorade, eat the bacon and snag jelly beans from Girl Scouts.

All in all, I am happy with that. I wish I was in the same shape I was last year, but that is on me to work on and I will. I was happy to run strong and feel pretty decent the next day.

Kudos to the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon folks for hosting a great race. Very well organized and executed! Great shirts, medals and yeah they had Papa Johns and Biaggis at the finish. Woot!

I also loved the whole I-Challenge idea. 5k + Half Marathon was just the right amount of running and made the out of town trip so worth it. I will definitely be adding this one to my 2013 roster and I would definitely recommend this race. 


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Illinois I-Challenge 5K Recap

So, Lisa and I headed to Champaign-Urbana on Friday morning to partake in the Illinois Marathon hoopla.

Not before I could do this...

The pixie is back and better than ever!! You know I was really getting some hair depression. I think I may just be destined for short hair so why try to fight it. Only downside...

I can't pull off cute Bondi Bands any more. 

Anyway, we got to Champaign-Urbana around 4pm and it was pretty clear that based on the traffic and parking situation... we'd be changing for the 5k in the bathroom instead of our hotel room. No biggie. I've changed in the back of a friend's minivan before so a stadium bathroom is more than sufficient for this girl.

Packet pick up ran really smoothly, there were tons of volunteers and our timing devices were attached securely to the back of our bibs. We picked up our two shirt bags and wandered around the expo briefly. Since I am responsible now, I only bought some BodyGlide and race day toss away gloves. They did have a ton of cute gear and if I was rocking the full marathon, I probably would have gotten a singlet or something. Brooks did all their gear and I just love Brooks clothing. I also noticed how much cheaper it was compared to the Chicago marathon specific gear. Interesting Nike, interesting. 

Lisa and I were ready to run by 6:30pm so we headed to the 5k start. It was windy and a tad chilly. We both rocked long sleeves for this one and I really didn't get hot until the very end of the race. We both planned to run SUPER EASY and by super easy I mean a 33 minute 5k or something. Lisa was/is nursing a hip injury and I was scared of burning too much juice the night before a half. Since I was pretty under-trained, it seemed logical.

As the race started, I felt good and since it was a fairly large 5k, the energy of the crowd was fun. 

Did we keep a slow, restful pace? Not really. 
Was I relieved to feel pretty comfortable running 9ish min miles? Yeah. 

As we began our final turn into the stadium, I realized that I did do my kick a tad early, but I still managed to finish reasonably strong. 

All in all I'd call it a success. I didn't go as slow as I had planned, but I felt good enough that I didn't really worry about it. I also don't think it detracted from my half marathon experience either and anything under 30:00 minutes is definitely good enough for me.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Twas the Night Before Race Weekend

*Before I get back to real life or you know my boring, undramatic blog, I must say "THANK YOU" for everyone's comments on my last post. You made me laugh and feel proud to stand up. Finding such an awesome network of bad ass ladies (dudes too) is exactly why I blog. Those comments were a great reminder.

Alright, this weekend marks the start of my 2012 racing season. Yep, I am about 6 weeks behind of where I was last year and while I have been unmotivated in the training category, I must admit that I am pretty excited to see how this all shakes out.

I am considering my Friday night 5k and Saturday morning Half Marathon to be a sort of science experiment if you will. Will my carefree-hardly-training attitude really kill my performance that much? Will the lack of miles and discipline humble me? Since when did I stop respecting the distance of a half marathon?

Not sure, but I'll be sure to let you know how that baby pans out.

As for the weather...

Isolated T-storms just aren't my favorite. 30 minutes in the rain is one thing... 2:30 hours is another thing entirely. I haven't run into a real rain situation before so I've packed one of everything and I'll be wearing a hat just in case.

Any raining running tips? The chafe factor definitely has me trippin' boo.

Good news? Three day weekend and I'll be rolling with the best running buddd ever...



Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alright, let's talk about it.

I know a lot of us were waiting and pacing yesterday to find out if we were picked by Nuun for their 2012 Hood to Coast team.

I'm sure most of you reading this are aware that I was not picked.

Initial Response: Seriously? Lame. Wow they sure picked an ass load of people who ran last year. Oh, yay! Vanessa! Oh good, Running Starfish had a good video too! Hmm maybe I should have made a Nuun ad instead?

Today's Response: "Fuck you, Nuun." Yep. I said it. Now if you didn't get picked... go ahead and say it to yourself. Say it quietly if co-workers are nearby.

Why would I be sad about not getting on a team that didn't want me?

The truth is I went out on a limb and had an awesome time assembling a video that showed my personality and if that is not good enough to earn a spot on Team Nuun... that is not a team I want to be on.

Will I be applying next year as the form email I received encouraged? Negatory. I don't need a second chance to convince anyone that I'm Nuun-worthy.

Also, I think it is important to say that EVERYONE who applied is team worthy and awesome. I am definitely not posting this to detract from anyone's victory. I didn't deserve a spot on the team more than anyone else did. I am posting (or venting) this blog for the losers, like me. Don't let any company or friend or passerby make you feel less than badass. I'd be honored to run with any one of you. You don't need a billion followers, 6 minute miles or an ad campaign to be on team Falon.

for my homies.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Randumb Monday Post

So, I set my alarm for 4:45am this morning and looked forward to getting on the bike at the gym. Yep, I am currently 1/3 of the way through a free 14 day trial at Anytime Fitness, which is less than a mile from my house. I have already worked out there 3 times, so I was looking forward to another quiet morning with the regulars.

Man, I could carry groceries in that eye bag. Yikes. Need. More. Sleep. 

Now the gym is small, but as you can see... it is also DEAD in the early mornings. Like maybe 2 other people there tops. So, they have one standard exercise bike and one recumbent bike.

The regular bike was clearly out of commission this morning and I am kicking myself for not taking a picture. I walk in, the thing is wrapped in toilet paper and the pedal is just sitting on the display screen. SONOFA! I didn't even want to get out of bed, but I did for a machine that is broken. Crap. So, what did I do? Hopped my ass on the elliptical and then did another awkward weight routine. Yep, in an effort to be more balanced and strong overall, I am lifting weights now.

  1. I keep reading all about putting together good weight routines and I still have no clue what the hell I am doing. * Tips and tricks totally welcome.
  2. I look and feel like a goob whilst doing it.
  3. I'll keep trying in the hopes that I look and feel less lame... eventually.
After my workout I headed back home to quickly scarf some breakfast, shower and be to my carpool in 45 minutes.
Dear scrambled eggs with spinach and salsa,
Does anyone else eat the majority of their meals either standing up? Sheesh, I don't even have kids and yet the time is rarely there to sit and savor. I do have three cats and some days I swear that is kind of the same damn thing. 

How did you find a badass strength routine? Has it helped your running?


PS: For laughs... the people who used to live in our house were old and we have now inherited their old people catalogs. Wow, there is some crazy shit in there...

Seriously? Yep, seriously.
I think the graphic is probably helpful though.
This ring will make you skinny. Guaranteed!
The metal senses your fatty areas. Amazing!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Taping and Running

Earlier in the week, I put a feeler out on my blog Facebook page to see if anyone has used KT Tape. Upon browsing YouTube, I stumbled on the KT Tape instructional video channel. HOLY CRAP... there is a taping method for every ache out there. Also, I was pretty impressed by the breadth of their online resources. When I happened upon a video for hamstring tendon pain... I decided to give this tape a shot. I picked up a roll of the Orange KT Tape Pro from We Run. $19.99 for 20 pre-cut sheets.

Of course, since I purchased the tape, my hamstring tightness seemed to dissipate, but I had been having some intermittent issues with the top of my foot. The hinge joint there just seemed kind of stiff and while it always loosens up after I've logged a few miles... the tenderness does come back occasionally during the run.

Is there a KT Tape method for that? You bet your ass.

So, I did my own taping job and I think it came out swell.

Still taped strong after 8 miles. 8 miles in a sock and shoe, not my Target flip flops.
Verdict? Badass. I kept rambling about how good my foot felt taped up that Lisa, my running bud, went to Dick's and bought herself a roll for her aching hip.

The tape doesn't feel tight like an ace bandage and since it is stretchy there was no restriction of movement. I hardly noticed it was there and it didn't make my foot feel fat in my shoe.


Now I wouldn't just use the tape for any little workout or twinge of pain because it is pricey (it took 3 strips to properly tape the top of my foot), but if you've got an ache or a race or a daunting long run ahead.... SO WORTH IT!

Now, for the true test... the shower...
Yep, I wear old man slippers and yep that it my kitchen linoleum... my house was built in 1955 after all.
Stayed on. The edge where I began my application is curling a tad, but if I am honest... I touched that part of the tape when I was trying to apply it. DOH!

Did you notice... is it also REFLECTIVE. Baam

Okay, the moral of this post... buy some KT Tape if you have aching parts.

On to the run... Flaherty and I had to take it easy because her hip was killing her. Oh and I don't mind a nice slow, easy run on a Sunday... or ever for that matter.

This was at the end of the 1st of 2, 4 mile loops on the Nature Trail.

I have just recently become a fan of doing a couple laps instead of a straight out and back. Why? It affords me a minute to stretch, hit the bano and NOT CARRY water or fuel. Only downside... you have to muster the gusto to get your ass back out there when you could easily get in your car and speed off.

It really was a great run and I found myself with quite a bit of fuel in the tank, so I opened it up a bit the last mile and finished quicker than originally intended. NO ipod, so I just focused on my breathing and turn over as I ended the run on a MAJOR HIGH NOTE.

Illinois Half Marathon Saturday and I-Challenge Friday night 5k... here we come and I am really excited to finally have a race coming up!
BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad... you complete me.
Post 8 miles we dined at Panera and picked up some "essentials" at Dick's. By essentials, I mean that Lisa needed a cute, new racing outfit and I needed a clearance shirt and more tech socks... of course.

What was the highlight of your weekend?
What's your next race?


p.s: KT Tape didn't send me any products or ask me to review squat... why? No clue- don't they read my blog?? ha ha I reviewed their product because I had a GREAT experience and I love to share the good stuff with ya'll.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I have hopped on the Instagram wagon. If you have a Droid or an Iphone and don't have the app, that shit is free so get on it. Let's follow each other and ogle random photos.

Here's a smattering of my life through the loveliness of Instagram.

I live for tights and a fun pattern is a major bonus. I also love to put my feet on my desk and pretend like I'm not stressed out or overwhelmed.

Caribou Coffee makes the most delicious Half White, Half Dark Mocha. Heaven. I get it with whip and they even sprinkle teeny chocolate chips on it. When my day has gone to shit... the mocha is there.

2lbs of strawberries are running $2.69 right about now. I am eating them in 1/2 lbs increments.

In an attempt to be a more balanced runner, I am biking. Stationary and the fun ass sight seeing kind. Yes, I still wear my reflective vest is mildly overcast conditions. #NERD

Don't get much cuter than that shit. I love waking up to my two seepy boys.

I AM PUTTING ALMOND BUTTER on everything this week. Well, one serving a day and yes I do try to suck the very last bit from the packet. It would be unethical to waste such perfection.

We got a third cat (left). She's a dilute calico and a hell of an oddball. Persephone. I call her Perrr or asshole when she puts her foot in my dinner. Three cats. Yep, total cat lady.

I decided that if I wanted to lose my winter fat. I have to work out more and eat less. Total genius, right!? Don't I know it. I almost look purdy at 5am.

Thank you baby jesus in a manger... less than a week to find out which bloggers landed on the Nuun Hood to Coast Teams. DYYYYYYYING in anticipation. Yep, still think carrying the bottle everywhere is releasing the good juju.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Long Run that Wasn't

Yep, I had 10 miles on the calendar in a desperate attempt to be as prepared as possible for my Illinois Half in 13 days. Gulp.

The forecast sucked all weekend so I was just hoping that there wasn't a torrential down pour or a tornado. Lucky for me, there wasn't.

As we all know too well, running is a mind game and today I just didn't play a strong game.

What zzzzzapped me?
  • Wind Advisory. Yep, 35 mph gusts.
  • Ipod dead before I left the parking lot. #WINNING
  • I slept wayyy late. I originally got up at 7am, ate a bowl of Frosted Flakes, fed my whiny cats and went back to bed when my running bud decided to opt out of the gale force wind-a-thon. So, I got up again at 11am and had a major sleep hangover.
  • By the time I hit mile 3 around 1pm, I WAS STARVING. I had already eaten one shot blok and only had two left. Dumb. Should've ate a piece of toast when I got up for the SECOND time.
The trail was deserted and it was hard not to share a brief pained, "You can do this shit," gaze with another runner. Usually I don't mind going it alone, actually I prefer it on my long runs, but today I wanted my mommmmmmmy.

So, instead of whining and crying, I just cut the misery short. I was reminded of my brutal 18 miler when I was training for the marathon and then the redemption I found in my 20 miler the following week.

10 miles became 4 and I was already on the phone planning my redemption run with Aaron. Can I still pull of this Half Marathon without a 10 miler under my belt? Yes, I know I can, but I just need the shot of convince a redemption run can give me.



Go over to the super sweet doll, Amylee's blog and read all about MIND OVER MATTER. She inspired me to get out of bed at the crack of dawn Tuesday and pound 10 out on the dreadmill. If she can do 20, I better damn sure burn up 10!


Thursday, April 12, 2012


Okay, after reading all that Run Less Run Faster hoopla, I am starting to believe that training harder is the way to go. I'll never be the 40 mile week gal. I don't have the time, the energy or the cartilage for such endeavors.

Now, if I don't want to run all day everyday to get faster, I think I'm going to need to try faster running. FINE! In my almost three years of running, I have done ONE track workout and maybe half a dozen interval runs. Yep, seriously. Speed is just not my thing. Running fassssssst is uncomfortable. Some times I feel clumsy and other times I feel more in step than ever.

Today I got it in my mind that I would at least do 30 minutes of intervals on the treaddie after work. I thought I should be able to do an hour or so, but everything I read said start conservative.

I put together a play list alternating between fast and slow songs. I thought it'd be an easy way to keep track and have fun. I often count songs instead of miles when times are tough... one mile left turns into "Come on, just three more songs!" Obviously not exact, but it is a mind game that works for me.

I have to admit that I enjoyed the sense of satisfaction I felt completing something I don't particularly enjoy. Once it was over, it didn't seem all that bad. So, I think I'll pepper in a bit of speed once a week for now and see where it takes me. 

Do you love or loathe speed work?

Do you do speed work regularly?


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Weeks and Counting

Yep, I can't even pretend that I am not obsessing over the Nuun Hood to Coast contest. If you entered, you know you are too.

Yep, I am hoping that the bottle is somehow transmitting good vibes. Ohmmmmm
Are you watching the entries and picking your favorites or critiquing your own? Well, I'm definitely NOT doing both of those things. I'm definitely not scoping the Nuun facebook page or blabbering
incessantly to my mother about it.

Okay, aside from all the things I'm not doing... I had a nice/windy/zen run tonight. I put on an album and ran on an old standby trail. Most of the trails in Cedar Rapids are under construction right now so you get about 2-3 miles in before you have to turn around. MAJOR BUMMER! I don't think I could have survived marathon training without the wide expanse of the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. Now it is closed for paving past mile 3.

I am happy I got in three quick miles. Way better than no miles and I felt pretty great as my shoes crushed through the limestone. Heart pounding, breath controlled and I just wondered how people can go through life without ever feeling this type of exhilaration. Running is so electric and I am grateful to inhabit a body that allows me to do it.   

I plan on taking my bike for its first spin of the season tomorrow. Run to the Finish posted a great blog about evaluating strengths and training your weaknesses. Cross training is so my weakness. So, I'm attempting one small step in the right direction.

What is your weakness? I feel like overall strength and balance is really something I need to work on, but lifting bores me so I don't do it. Lame excuse, I know. I need to get creative with strength training and I know it would make me a stronger runner.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Okay, so I just got home from the Fun. concert and it was effin' SAHWEET! Seriously. I haven't been to a show with that much energy in a long, long, long time. I danced, sang and jumped around like a happy, happy idiot.

Doesn't Jen have the best hair?
My friend Jen, who is always up for an adventure, signed on to go with me at the last minute. After a quick bite (grilled cheese! yum!), we went over to wait in the line never moved for our chance to actually enter the bar where the concert was.

I was already yawning at 6:15pm and wished I would have splurged on a post-lunch mocha. As we glanced around, it was clear that yes we were probably the oldest bitches there. Seriously? These kids had acne and were wearing Tom's galore.

Thus, the list was born.

You know you're too old for an 18+ general admission concert when:
  1. You are the only person around you wearing hearing protection.
    Earplugs are hotter than hearing aids you teeny boppers!
  3. You can no longer finish one beer without worrying that you'll have to wade through the crowd to hit the ladies room.
  4. Oh and your back hurts from standing in the same damn spot for 4 hours.
  5. You don't feel the need to record and view the concert through the lens on your cell phone. Really kiddos? Is this totally necessary? I didn't pay my money to look at my camera and or cell phone all night.

5. You no longer clamour for the tossed guitar pick or set list because really there isn't a place for that kind of crap in your house.

Am I missing anything?

Does being surrounded by youngsters make you feel more decrepit or more youthful?


PS: Dear Nate Ruess, I'd like to kiss your cheek and tousle your hair. I am pretty sure my husband would not consider this cheating. Thank you for your consideration.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday "Long" Run

Yep, long is in quotations because 8 miles just doesn't seem like LONG run territory. However this winter I decided it'd be a little more fun to let myself go than keep up on my training. With a half marathon in 20 days, eight miles felt like plenty.

Last night I told Aaron that I absolutely have to get out of the house and run 8 miles Sunday morning. I begged him to verbally abuse me if I wasn't out the door or close to it by 11am.

Good news: He didn't have to. I was dressed and hydrated and ready to roll. Honestly, I was in a giddy mood from watching HTC applications and well getting good feedback on mine. Thanks all!

Bad news: I'm a dunce and forgot the delicious black cherry shot blocks I purchased at work. I don't really take any mid-run fuel for anything less than 8 miles, so I really only needed a little sumpin' sumpin'. Good thing Hyvee had the hook-up.

I ate 5 dots during my run and donated the rest to my husband's belly.
 So, I took my good mood and started off strong. The wind was blowing in my favor, it wasn't too hot and then my Nathan hydration belt, that has sat untouched for probably a year, let the wind out of my sails. As I began to run, I felt splashing down the back of my legs. Valves shut? Yep. Bottles over filled? Nope. Arg. I had to dump half of my grape Nuun out of each bottle to prevent the leg bath. Oh yeah, I'd say that kind of pissed me off. I think I may write Nathan a crappy email since I've used this belt maybe TWICE, but until then...

This seemed like a more photogenic affront than spitting on it.
8 miles done. Confidence reinstated that yes, one can sit on their arse for 4 months and still kick a little tail when necessary.

Celebratory ice cream. Sprinkles are SO necessary.
Real age? 27. Actual age? 7.

Illinois Half Marathon in TWENTY DAYS! Plan? Have fun and just enjoy a little weekend run trip with my favorite run buddd. I'm pretty confident I will neither PR nor embarrass myself and after a sedentary winter, that's a good position to be in.

What do you consider a LONG run? Before today, I would have said 10 miles minimum.

Any recommendations for a good hydration belt? Side note: I can't hold anything in my hand- it bugs me too much.


ps: Guess who I am seeing in concert tomorrow night? (pees in pants)

Oh, it is going to be oh so fun too!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

NUUN Hood to Coast 2012 Relay Entry

I did it!


Video submitted, fingers crossed and many thanks to all my peeps for their ideas, cooperation and enthusiasm. I friggin' love you guys.

ALSO, big thanks to all my fellow bloggers. YOUR SWEET VIDEOS INSPIRED ME TO MAKE ONE! Gosh, you ladies are awesome!

Thanks for the shot at it NUUN!


Book Review: Run Less Run Faster

Okay, so about a month ago I got an email asking if I'd like to read and review a new running book on my blog. At first I was certain it was spam. Why would anyone want to send me a free book about running? Seriously, my blog isn't that big and free schwag just doesn't find me that often.

Alas, I googled it and this David Tratner fellow does actually work for Runner's World so I decided that HECK YES, I'd like a book about running.


When I saw the title, I was psyched because who doesn't want to get faster and do it in less miles?!? We are all pressed for time so bring it.

The premisis of the book outlines FIRST training programs. *Note: This book is an updated version of an earlier printing. The FIRST method incorporates THREE key runs and TWO high intesity cross training sessions weekly to get its disciples faster times and fewer injuries.

The three key runs include a track workout, a tempo run and a long run. The pace and intensity for these runs are pretty rigorous, so if you are a runner that enjoys a lot of zen junk mileage... this may not be the book for you. If you are looking to improve and can tolerate being out of your comfort zone for the majority of your miles...look no further.

The two cross training sessions only allow for three activities. Rowing, Biking (stationary) and Swimming. Now, if you don't own any equipment or have a gym membership, you may have some hardships completing the program.

Alright, now that we know what we're talking about here, let me just say that I really appreciated this book for a few reasons. Run Less Run Faster is really a road map to a whole new training methodology and it is laid out as such. I hate training books that are all talk and little instruction. I want pace tables! Training plans! This book isn't really written to be read beginning to end, it is written with guides to help you jump around and find what you're looking for. I enjoyed the fact that when the book referenceed key stretches they immediately identified Chapter 13 to locate said information. Not only is the training plan helpful to runners short on time, but so is the book format.

Another positive to this book is the level of run science it includes. I have cracked open quite a few running books that like to take the biomechanics of my beloved sport down to an atomic level. No thanks. I never really cared for physiology in college and the times sure haven't changed. Run Less Run Faster isn't really written for a beginner, although a beginner could certainly pick it up and get some helpful information. This book is written for those of us that have raced 5ks, 10ks and marathons. There is a certain amount of run knowledge that is assumed; so yes there is some scentific data to give the book credibility, but not enough to put you to sleep.

My only real criticism would be the amount of real life runner testimonials included. They're titled "Real Runner Report" and while I don't doubt that they are, the reports are a little redundant. The testimonials tout the efficacy of the program which is nice, but after the first few, the message is definitely clear.

Lastly, YAY for pace tables, charts etc! I am such a dunce that I never really know how fast or slow I should be running. Run Less Run Faster has pace charts for EVERY speed of runner. So, the guess work is gone and your mind isn't bent by crazy race pace algebra. Freaking awesome!

All in all, I would recommend this book to anyone who has plateued in their running or who wants to avoid such a dreadful place. Of course Boston is heavily emphasized because all runners, fast and slow, dream of at least qualifying for such a prestigous race. So, if you've got Boston in your sights... there are Boston specific trainings plans to help you get there. Also, when I mentioned I had begun reading the book, I had a friend who praised the program. She has just started to really train again following a stress fracture injury and she has found it to be helpful. If you're in that boat, check it out.

The FIRST program and Runner's World have really lined up some tools to get to faster ground. I am planning to give the Run Less Run Faster method a shot for an upcoming 5k. I seems a little overwhelming to conceive of marathon training at that intensity... I may need another one under my belt before I consider that.
You know, this Bondi Band is so blog appropriate.

Happy Racing,


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hood to Coast Ya'll

So, I have seen SOOOO many cool, cool ass videos for lady bloggers entering the Nuun Hood to Coast relay contest. Since I didn't own a video camera or have a good idea... I counted myself out. Screw that. Camera obtained. Idea mapped out (thanks Rachie and Kimmie).

Here we go...while the Scheers and company are busy assembling this entry I wanted to give you a clip that didn't make the cut, but damn my cat is cute.

Man running and blogging rocks sometimes!