Monday, April 9, 2012

Okay, so I just got home from the Fun. concert and it was effin' SAHWEET! Seriously. I haven't been to a show with that much energy in a long, long, long time. I danced, sang and jumped around like a happy, happy idiot.

Doesn't Jen have the best hair?
My friend Jen, who is always up for an adventure, signed on to go with me at the last minute. After a quick bite (grilled cheese! yum!), we went over to wait in the line never moved for our chance to actually enter the bar where the concert was.

I was already yawning at 6:15pm and wished I would have splurged on a post-lunch mocha. As we glanced around, it was clear that yes we were probably the oldest bitches there. Seriously? These kids had acne and were wearing Tom's galore.

Thus, the list was born.

You know you're too old for an 18+ general admission concert when:
  1. You are the only person around you wearing hearing protection.
    Earplugs are hotter than hearing aids you teeny boppers!
  3. You can no longer finish one beer without worrying that you'll have to wade through the crowd to hit the ladies room.
  4. Oh and your back hurts from standing in the same damn spot for 4 hours.
  5. You don't feel the need to record and view the concert through the lens on your cell phone. Really kiddos? Is this totally necessary? I didn't pay my money to look at my camera and or cell phone all night.

5. You no longer clamour for the tossed guitar pick or set list because really there isn't a place for that kind of crap in your house.

Am I missing anything?

Does being surrounded by youngsters make you feel more decrepit or more youthful?


PS: Dear Nate Ruess, I'd like to kiss your cheek and tousle your hair. I am pretty sure my husband would not consider this cheating. Thank you for your consideration.


  1. Sounds like FUN! I don't even know what Tom's is, so I must really be old. Or at least out of touch.

  2. My SIL is in her 40s and was RAVING about her two new pairs of sparkly Toms at Easter dinner. Her teenage children looked mortified.

    But then again, she has a boob job and sported barbie extensions for years, so they should be grateful she's toned down the hair, at least. But she's fun- oh my LORD is she fun. LOL

  3. hahahaha. omg. i am so jealous you went to see FUN in concert!!!!! sounds like a freaking blast. I went to see Daughtry a few years ago and felt too old even there...dang it. it was still awesome. Daughtry=yummy.

  4. Ha, funny. It's why I always pony up for the reserved seating at the show I go to every year - all of the teenagers are poor and are in general admission...


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