Saturday, December 31, 2011

Au Revoir 2011

This New Years Eve has been freaking awesome and no it isn't even midnight and no I am not at some fancy party dancing and drinking champagne.

I friggin love this duder right here. Ritchie looks nice and snugged up into his crotch too. hee hee
I am with my husband on the couch watching stand up comedy though. Party animals? Yes, totally.
This morning I met up with one of my FAVORITE people ever, Lisa and we crushed a 5 miler at 8am this morning. All you gals that burned up 11.12 miles... KUDOS! Five felt like plenty to me.

ADIOS 2011! I loved you!

Seriously, those smiles are real because this was taken AFTER we finished. Post run, I showered, squeezed in an episode and a half of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix (love you Jax Teller!) and then I met back up with Lisa for taco pizza and Frozen Joe-gurt at Happy Joes.

Then, we went and saw the movie New Years Eve on freakin' New Years Eve. It was cute and I even got choked up a couple times.

Oh and the hubbs took me out for a Mexican dinner which I never get because he pretty much loathes mexican.

What did you do today?
Will you be awake to get a smoocher at midnight? he he it is looking a little dicey for me, my eyes are drooping and it isn't even 10pm.

Sending love and warm wishes to all my friends near and far for an awesome New Years Eve. Here's to 2012!


Friday, December 30, 2011

Year in Review: 2011

Okay all these posts have rapidly become my favorites. Seriously, I adore seeing what all of my bloggy besties have accomplished in the last 12 months. You all are amazingggggg. I am also equally excited to see what everyone has lined up for 2012.

2011 Highlights:

Ran my first and oddly enough my fastest Half Marathon in March 2011.

Left my crap job and got a new one in March! So scary, but so worth it!

 Made some freaking awesome LOCAL running buddies via the DailyMile. Loves to Amber and Lisa.

BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOUSE in July. Moved in to it, painted it.

Adopted Buddy Holly Scheer from the shelter in June. That cat LOVES my kisses.

Turned 27 in June.

Adopted Ritchie Valens Scheer from that same shelter in September. Yep, more kisses.

Won an award. Wahoo 3rd place age group finish at a 5k in September – also my current 5k PR.

Celebrated four married years in September and six coupled up years in November.

Ran a full freaking marathon, HELLO CHICAGO, in October.

Last, but definitely NOT LEAST... I grew out a pixie cut!
Maybe my most notable achievement for the year!

11 races, one house, 2 cats and no more pixie.
Big year my friends!

Alright quick: NAME YOUR ONE HIGHLIGHT FOR 2011.
Mine is obviously the damn marathon. 2011 was the year of the marathon for sure.


Monday, December 26, 2011

One Thing...

hair this bad can only mean one thing...
I went for a run this morning!!!

Okay, it may or may not have been 12 days since my last run, but really who's counting? My running bud Lisa texted me that she was considering some slow post Christmas miles and before I knew it I was committed to an 8am run.

5 miles in 50:29

I survived and it felt good to be outside. Thanks Lisa!

How was your Christmas?! Mine was friggin' sweet thanks to my dang awesome husband. He got me some sweet loot and we got to spend the whole day just hangin'.

How was your Christmas?


Monday, December 19, 2011

We have a WINNER...

now you are all winners to me, of course, but only one person can win the jewelry.

Congrats to....

Lucky # 12!
Ms. Ambrosia!

You have won one piece of jewelry from the Thought Blossoms Etsy store (of your choosing) valued at $20.00.
Ambrosia, email your contact info to me at so I can get you in contact with Thought Blossoms to claim your prize.

Big thanks again to Heather @ Thought Blossoms for hooking me up with such a sweet giveaway. If you haven't checked out her store yet, you must! So many cute gift ideas in there!

Happy Monday, friends!


ps: Posting this at 12:02pm central time, I so rock deadlines. Woot!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday! Score!

I had been looking forward to Saturday all week long.

#1. Haircut! Thanks to Juliet Pae-Corr, coolest hair stylist ever! She is doing her best to keep my grow out phase as painless as possible.

#2. I had a coffee date scheduled at my house with an awesome ex co-worker friend. That is the only thing I miss about my old job, the AWESOME co-workers I don't get to see nearly enough. Kelli and I drank a butt load of coffee, chatted, exchanged gifts and petted kitties. Heaven!

#3. BAKE-A-THON 2011 with the mother-in-law! On the menu...
  • Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies with Mini M&Ms
  • Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies
  • Peanut Brittle
  • Peanut Butter Hershey Kiss Cookies
  • Frosted Sugar Cookies
  • White Chocolate Dipped Pretzels with Sprinkles
It was crazy and a little hectic, but we managed to keep laughing. Big thanks to Oxygen for back to back chick flicks. Anyone love the Keira Knightley Pride & Prejudice as much as I do??? Oh, Darcy!

Aaron cookies! He had to have the mini M&Ms.
Dude roll out cookies are a lot of work.
Oh and I still have to frost all these?

The fam-damily. I know, I'm a regular Picasso.
 #4. Oh and after 9 hours of baking, I put up a teeny little Christmas tree. We borrowed a teeny tree from the in-laws since our cats are still so rowdy... we thought they'd knock over the big tree and try to climb it. 
The teeny charlie brown tree is better than no tree fo sho.
How was your Saturday? Did you kick some butt out there on the pavement? Lemme know so I can feel jealous and lame.

The Sunday forecast says 44 degrees... I will run outside tomorrow! I will!


ps: I got my blogger gift exchange gift! THANKS KATIE! She got me a subscription to Runner's World which is super awesome as my subscription lapsed a few months ago. YAYYYY you are awesome sauce Katie and if you have a blog, hit me up with a comment/email so I can start stalking you!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Makes Me Tired

No really, I just started shopping this past week and wow. Between shopping and wrapping and filling out greeting cards... I haven't done crap. The treadmill has gone untouched since Tuesday and I'm feeling kinda schlubby. I'm trying to remind myself that the magic is sucking me in and it'll soon be gone along with my excuses. Then the work can begin.

Do you think you're too hard on yourself or too easy? I feel like it is a fine line, but right or wrong I'm giving myself a pass.
Clearly I am known for my impeccable posture.

Christmas is crazy! or I'm crazy at Christmas... whatevs.

It took two Christmas movies to get all my presents wrapped.
Am I too slow or did I buy too many presents?

Blogger gift exchange present in the mail... I forgot to say who I was. Whoops!

Happy Almost Holidays, Peeps!

Don't forget about the Thought Blossoms giveaway! Drawing a winner on Monday!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thought Blossoms Giveaway

So, I was browsing Etsy a little while ago looking for some cute running jewelry and BAAM.
Thought Blossoms!
Now I am a total lover of jewelry. You could totally draw a line down my jewelry box... work jewelry and casual jewelry. For casual everyday pieces I love anything simple, clean and major bonus if they fit closer to the body.
When I was browsing the Thought Blossoms store I was excited for a few reasons:
  1. They use copper! Which I love and I think it so dang purdy.
  2. No crazy jewels or beads.
  3. Lots of customizable options.
  4. Oh and the price is so right.
I sent Heather @ Thought Blossoms an email about how much I loved her pieces and she is just as sweet as her jewelery. Oh and major runnerd bonus... Heather is a runner too!
Welcome to Thought Blossoms! My name is Heather and I am an artist, runner, teacher cat owner and jewelry maker! . I fell in love with hand stamped jewelry three years ago and have been itching to try it since. I believe in the power of words and positive intentions. I wear "believe" and "gratitude" every day because I want a constant reminder of what we can accomplish in our lives we these two intentions. I hope you enjoy my work and find your own inspiration in powerful words!

So, last night I got THIS in the mail. It even came with a little polishing square and some care instructions- which I so need because I'm a jewelery dunce.

I think I'm wearing this baby every day until the Georgia Marathon as a reminder that there is work to do!
It feels soooo light on my wrist I forget that it is there, it layers well with my watch and it doesn't flop around when I'm typing at work.

Now, let's get to the good stuff... Heather @ Thought Blossoms wants to bling you out with a piece of super fly jewelry.

The Prize:
1 piece of jewelry from the Thought Blossoms Etsy store (of your choosing) valued at $20.00.

How to Enter:
1. Like Thought Blossoms on Facebook- be sure to leave a comment saying I sent you! (comment +1)
2. Visit the Thought Blossoms Etsy Store and tell me what item you're eyeballing. (comment +1)
3. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect because all the cool kids are. Tell me if you already do. (comment +1)

Additional ways to Enter:
1. Like Falon Does Marathon on Facebook (see the badge on the left). (comment +1)
2. Share this giveaway somewhere! (Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Carrier Pigeon) People need to know about awesome jewelry! (comment for each +1 per share per day)

Contest ends at NOON, Monday December 19th.

The winner will be determined by the Random Number Generator via I'll be sure to post the winner Monday, on my lunch break ya'll.

Thanks to Heather @ Thought Blossoms for being so creative and making this giveaway happen!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

  • This week is the official kick off to Publix Georgia Marathon training. Did 3 miles on the treadmill tonight and did some circuit training on Monday. I am still having treadmill ADD and I don't know what my deal is... time goes by so slow. I even started watching Raising Hope on Netflix... which is totally hilarious by the way. How do you conquer the treadmill? I feel fine running on it, but time just doesn't seem to move. Oy
  • Paleo/Primal eating is still pretty much rocking into week two. However, I did have pizza for lunch today. I didn't really eat the pizza because I wanted to, but I was in a work training and NOT eating the pizza would have shone a weirdo spotlight right on me. My husband thinks that is the dumbest reason to eat a food ever and he is right, but alas I did it anyway. I have also found some sweet recipe websites: Chowstalker and the Foodee Project. Aaron and I are trying to decide on a recipe to try for Christmas- he agreed as long as I promised a mass amount of dinner rolls. 
Here's what eating has been looking like for me...
I have decided that I will never eat scrambled eggs without spinach in them again!

Salad! I've been breaking my dressing dependence with salsa and also some oil olive/balsamic vinegar.

Fruits! See also Anjou Pears and Texas Rio Star Grapefruit!

Wow. What kind of loser licks Almond Butter off a spoon to squash their sweet tooth? Whoa, not me.
  • My Ragnar team, The Panty Raiders, is officially registered for Madison to Chicago! I cannot wait to join the Ragnar alumni ranks! Oh and find out our start times, legs, etc.
  • PROOF! Oh and you can also see a patch of gray hair. Awesome.
  • I have FINALLY, after almost a year of bizarre looking grow out, been able to fashion my hair into teeny pig tails. This is a big deal... while pixie cuts are adorable... they are a big freakin' commitment. Maybe someday this century I'll be able to use those dang pony tail holes in all my hats!
  • Last, but so not least... GIVEAWAY GOING UP TOMORROW! 
Au revoir, for now.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa's Snow Shuffle Saturday

My sunshiney-rainbow-unicorn-sparkly-smiley-runner friend, Lisa talked me into yet another 5k. Of course the draw was a mini road trip to Cedar Falls and the promise of perusing a new running store.

Yep, car photos again because I just can't man the camera in my running mittens.
"Okay, fine... I'm in."

Note: Despite my appearance, no convenience stores were robbed on this road trip.

So, we arrived and grabbed our packets... the mercury hit a mighty 9 degrees. 9 degrees! I didn't want to give up my ankle length down parka and for a few minutes I seriously considered unzipping the sides and running in it.

I'd say the race was really well organized and since it was a fun run there were no chips or awards or anything. I did get a bib though, which was a step up from last weekend. Oh, I also really appreciated that everyone got to stay huddled up in a heated tent up until two minutes before the race started. Plenty of volunteers and cops lined the course to give directions and block traffic.

I ran 3.18 miles in 29:45. I'm pretty satisfied with a 9:21 pace considering the elements and I started pretty slowwwww, but I got a nice kick the last half so it felt good to blaze it up.

Runnnnerd score from the Runner's Flat in Cedar Falls and I finally got my 26.2 sticker!
Pre-race fuel? Two of my crazy nut, date, dark chocolate chip cookies, lots of coffee and lots of water.
Post race nomz? I had some beef jerky and maybe some peppermint saltwater taffy... I know, I know... but tis the season!

Winter race outfit? 3/4 crew SmartWools (oh still not enough, my feet froze),  Champion fleece lined tights, shorts on top (I do this because the tiny pocket is perfect for my ipod shuffle), Under Armour cold gear mock neck, Nike Fleece lined jacket, my favorite Adidas pom pom hat, Saucony running mittens, Champion neck gaiter.
Successful? Umm I should have worn my wind breaker pants on top of my tights. Other than that, I felt okay once we got going.

Well folks, that is all for racing in 2011!

Do you have any races left on the calendar before January 1?


ps: My friend got a yorkie puppy and I got to play with him tonight. SO stinkin' cute. Here you go puppy lovers... 2 month old, Buttons. He weighs ONE POUND and I don't know how he doesn't get lost.
Buttons and his Mama.
I did you a solid by cropping my face, trust me. Oh Buttons! You cutie!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Funky Fresh Friday

That is the best blog title ever and it kind of relates to my post... as in I spent a gazillion dollars at the sto tonight buying funky fresh produce.

This week I went off the grid for a bit. I was dealing with some issues that I didn't want to air on the blog so I took a little time for myself. Now, I am back and feeling good.

Do you ever feel any pressure or expectation to blog? Or be an amazing blogger with radtastic adventures and expert grammar? Sometimes I do, which is probably dumb, but from time to time it is nice to stay away and admire you all. So, I spent this week reading and not really writing.

Since I felt like my eating habits had been spiraling out of control the last few months, I decided to focus on food and I've had a lot of fun with it. I have been doing a lot of reading about Primal/Paleo Eating and I decided to give it a whirl. Now I haven't totally drank the kool-aid, but I love the emphasis on eating unprocessed foods.

Tonight I had my first actual Paleo Recipe Culinary Adventure... Curried Chicken Salad... I chose to toss mine on mixed greens.

Find the Recipe Here!

I won't post the whole recipe, but click the link if you're interested... I found quite a few things I'd like to try off the Cosmopolitan Primal Girl blog and I love that she gives you her semi primal husband's opinion.

Now, eating primal means "bye" to some things...
Cow Milk
On-the-go crappy Lean Cuisine Lunches
White potatos
Potato Chips
Condiments... mayo mustard salad dressings
Refined sugars
and the list goes on...

But, HELLO to...
Nuts and nut butters
Veggies veggies veggies
Fruit- fresh and dried
Almond milk, coconut milk
MEAT- no this isn't the eat all the bacon you want Atkins plan- LEAN CUTS for me please
Sweet potatoes
Dark chocolate is even accepted in moderation

Also, you can still eat coookies!
I made some chocolate chips cookies tonight!

#1. You wouldn't BELIEVE what is in these babies. (no, not meat. sicko)
#2. My husband thought they tasted good.
#3. SO filling!

I don't know if I'll go straight up Primal forever, but it is fun just to try something different and emerge from my carbo coma. Seriously, I probably ate enough carbs for an olympic marathoner... not a 9-10 min miler. Sheesh!

Anyway, it has been a fun experimental week. My mood has been high, my weight has come down some and I feel like I have more energy. I enjoyed SPRINTS on Wednesday... SPRINTS! I was worried the carb decrease would zap my zeal, but it has sort of done the opposite.

Onward to a freeezing 5k in the morning with my pal, Lisa. Seriously, I'm meeting up with her at 7am... on a Saturday... of my own free will. Nutso. Race report to follow!


ps: HELLO new followers... who knew skipping blogging for a week would net me two more of you? rad!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Frosty Frenzy 5k

Was neither frosty nor frenzied.

Lisa, Amber and I were the first people to show up this morning and not a whole lot of folks followed. It was pretty cold and it was raining. Drizzling? No. Raining? Yes.

Lisa always gets an "A" for enthusiasm.

Amber and I figured out today that her ankles are so tiny...
I can fit two fingers around them.

As always, I got top marks in the whining and dreading categories.
Needless to say... we hid in the car with the heat blasting until we saw a crowd of 20 shuffle out to the starting line.

Were there racing bibs? Hell no. Apparently that is not how they roll in West Branch, Iowa population 2,188. Timing chips? Ha ha a pregnant lady in a hoody with a stop watch was taking our times and writing down names as people crossed the finish. I was happy that I expected as much so I decided to keep it light... no garmin... no ipod... just me and the rain and the hills.

Go Time (because there was obviously no gun whistle or any other starting horn): 31:15

Lisa was right behind me and we had a good chuckle since neither of us can remember the last time we had a 30+ 5k. Oh welllllll at least we were crazy enough to be out there while all the smart people we nestled up at home with coffee and the newspaper.

Also, I feel like it is pretty important to mention that Amber WON the OVERALL FEMALE! She took off with us and then she decided it'd be way more fun to kick some butt with the dudes at the front of the pack. Get this? She even made a WRONG turn and had to turn around and STILL WON. Woot! Winner out of 20 and a winner out of 20,000 is still a winner in my book...


It was a fun race that I can appreciate more now that it is over.
As for the rest of the day... meatloaf leftovers, nap and I baked Aaron a batch of double chocolate cookies. Superhero? Perhaps.

How was your Saturday??

RunStreak #8: 1 Mile (Friday)
RunStreak #9: 3.1 Miles (Today)
RunStreak Total: 25.1 Miles

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some Kinda Thursday

Alright, today was better than yesterday work wise. I actually got some things done, people were out of the office and it was a nice low key day. Thus, my existential crisis has been delayed... yet another day.

This is me on pins & needles. This is Buddy annoyed.

Now, I know it sounds silly, but I was totally on pins and needles today... waiting for the Gourmet Runner Giveaway to post. She had a giveaway for TWO Publix Georgia Marathon entries in Atlanta in March. It was a long shot and there were almost 200 entries, but...

I just wanted to win... bad! Since I live in Iowa, it would be hard for me to justify the entry fee and then a plane ticket ontop of it. Also, since Chicago... I have been dying to get another marathon on the calendar. I really wanted a chance to run again with all the experience I gathered from my first marathon. Lastly, I needed a new focus stay on my game and not slip into a schlubby winter blues wah wah baby slump. OH and I'd get to meet Vanessa! Hello? Awesome!

Guess what?
Slump be gone because I WON one entry!
Aaron snapped a picture of my glee mid stride on the treadmill.
I even threw on my Chicago shirt to psych me up.
Marathon #2 baby!
Ashley @ Redonk Runner won the second entry and I also think she is super cool and funny... so BONUS!

Thanks again for hosting such a radtasic giveaway, Vanessa!

RunStreak #8: 2 Miles
RunStreak Total: 21 Miles