Friday, September 30, 2011

Lady of Leisure

Okay, I could so be a lady of leisure.

Anyway, Aaron and I took today off to spend some time together and celebrate the big 4! Yep, we've been married for 4 years yesterday.

Love you bebe! You are so freakin' awesome and the last 4 years are just the beginning. I can't even remember a me without you anymore.

So, we slept in... I fed the kitties and went for a mid morning run with....

Okay, so I returned like $10 bucks worth of gels and somehow, in my mind, I thought it justified a $55 running vest. Verdict? Every bit the vest I was hoping for... so far my favorite feature is...

the rockin' MP3 pocket and that little loop at the top keeps your cord in place. I always have to tuck my cord in my jacket or under my shirt... my flailing arms will catch it if I don't! I think the vest made my hilly, headwindy 5 miler more pleasant. If it is chilly in Chicago, I think the vest may make its debut.

What is your favorite piece of running gear?

Oh and does anyone obsess about their race weather... the chicago 10 day just came out. eeeee on pins and needles folks!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wahooo Wednesday!

This Wednesday rocked!

#1. Got the ole 6 month performance review at work. IT WAS GOOD! They're going to keep me! Yayyy I like my bosses so much. It really makes this job one of the best jobs I've ever had. What a relief! And to think I was so scared to leave PCI six months ago. PSH!

#2. Nice 6 miler with Lisa, one of my running pals. I usually hate to talk and run, but really it was sooooo fun and holy cow the miles went quick. Lisa rocks the ole Galloway Run Walk Method. I don't typically Galloway solo, but hey I'm down to try it. Verdict? Well, I was huffing and puffing! Really, my pace wasn't much different and those little walk breaks were kind of nice. Runners are weird about the whole Galloway thing... try it fools. You don't have to drink the kool-aid, but it is a different way to kick ass on the road.

#3. Oh and....
What a difference a haircut can make!!!
I am officially through the odd-pixie-growing-out stage. Yayy
Thanks Juliet for the badass cut! Cedar Rapidians... FIX SALON. Seriously.

 Dear Thursday, how will you ever top this??

Taking Ritchie Valens to the Vet tomorrow. Rabies shot... it is our first time. eeeee
Aww my bebe!


Monday, September 26, 2011


Okay, is anyone else already trying to organize their race wishlist for 2012?

Maybe it's just me.

For Sures:
  • April 27-28: I-Challenge at the Illinois Marathon. I want to do a big race closer to where my folks live so they can pack up Rudy, the weiner dog, and head down to spectate. Plus, those early, chilly spring races really keep your winter running on track! Depending on what kind of success I have in Chicago, I may do the full there since you'll never get flater routes or cooler temps. Hollah!
  • June 2, 2012: Dam to Dam! Hello it has been my favorite road race to date. I think I need another go at it! This time I'll keep my mouth closed for the race photos. Oy

  • July 28, 2012: Bix 7 which I had every intention of tackling this year and I then I bought a house the week before the race. Oy talk about a fun run killer.
Really, Really Wannas:
  • June 8-9, 2012! RAGNAR! Okay, so Julia (@Pain,Pride and Perseverance) has blogged about the Wasatch Ragnar and oh boy... there is a Madison to Chicago Ragnar! Eee running in teams, through the night, meeting new peeps... is it possible to have more fun? So, I already put the tentative call out to my rockin' runner peeps and there is interest! 12 people to a team and I think I have an awesome mother-in-law to drive one van. I realize that it is close to Dam to Dam, so sacrifices might have to be made, but it is Ragnar people, RAGNAR!
Also accepting cool race suggestions...

The more I keep looking, the more I keep finding.

I really want to do a Rock n Roll Marathon or Half too. There's a country music version in Nashville. Sweet! Okay yes, I like some country music... it was bound to come out sooner or later. It started with Sugarland and spread.

Time for bed with visions of finish lines in my head.


Sunday, September 25, 2011


First of all, big thanks to everyone for the encouragement. Really, I don't think you know how nice it is to read all the positive comments on the blog and on facebook. I think all your good vibes only make me run stronger. Love you all!

Dear 20 miler, you are so far in my rear-view, but thanks for the good time!

Okay, so I got up at 5:30 a.m., looked outside and was relieved to see no active rain. Whew! I knew it might show up along the way, but it is way harder to start in a downpour than finish in one. I ate some Oatmeal and drank my coffee and fed my bebes. Then, I woke Aaron up and we were off!

I am actually not faking enthusiasm here. I felt good this morning and I think all the marathon planning from the previous day really helped me get my head in a good place. I wore a jacket for the first five miles or so because it was only 50 degrees! 50!

Around mile 3 another runner around my age passed me and her mom was tagging along on a bike. They were so sweet, you know I have found that most other runners are so sweet. They were doing 24 and I said I was doing 20... we wished each other well and she continued to pull a little farther ahead until they were tiny specs on the horizon.

I started off slow because baby I had a long way to go. My perfect marathon starts slow so I can heap on some gas at the finish. I'd say I was around 11:15 for the first 10.

Miles 10-13 were crazy fast (9:45-10:00 pace) because I need the outhouse back at mile 7. Hee hee. Good news is... I MADE IT! Also, I think actually getting to use the bathroom made me feel more free to finish up the miles. Yes, free is an odd word to describe it, maybe unhindered is better. Anyway, you get it!

I used Cliff Shot Blocks (Black Cherry-yummm), for fuel and when I hit mile 13 I decided to do a Cliff Double Xpresso Shot with caffeine. Zing! I think I plan on taking two packs of blocks and two shots to the marathon. I seriously doubt I'll go through them, especially with bananas on the course! yummmo I always carry 'in case of emergency' extra for me or if I see someone in need.

When my mile 15 wall didn't come, I knew that it was all over. Yeah, I still had 5 miles to go, but I had already won the mental game. As my feet started to hurt, I just thought to myself, "Of course they hurt, you are kicking so much ass."

Wow did that help. Silly, but true.

I would also like to give myself a shout out for not stopping to whine and walk 82 times the last five miles. I stopped twice for water briefly and the whining... nope!

20 Miles, Time: 3:38 (10:54 pace)

Alright, I am ready for the big show and now we taper. I don't have much tapering to do with my during the week runs, but next Sunday it'll be the final 12 miler before Chicago.

Windy city here I come!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Twas the night before the big 20...

Okay, I made my two-day Chicago marathon trip plan with my mother-in-law this morning over two Venti Ice Coffees w/Skim Milk and a Splenda (<-- The way to my heart and coherent conversation). I think it is important to note that we EACH had TWO.

Bib #39104... wow that has such a nice ring to it.
 It got me excited for the race and then I remembered... the 20 miler tomorrow. I have a feeling that this run is going to be harder than the whole dang marathon. Why?


#2. The weather looks ummm undesirable.

#3. I can't think of anything else... I think one and two are sufficient to give me a crap-i-tude.

That being said. I am a damn warrior. I am going to do this.


ps: guilty pleasures... this was $3.99 in Amazon's MP3 store. I accidentally bought it. hee hee
Yes, I love to run to cheesy thumpah thumpah pop music. Guilty as charged.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things I Love Thursday

Still obsessed with...

1. Smoothies!
See also: red raspberries! They are in season! Eating them like gum drops.

2. This song...

"Nightcall" by Kavinsky feat. Lovefoxxx
It has been repeat, repeat, repeating its way through my runs. 
I only found it because it is the opening track in the new Ryan Gosling movie, Drive.
Yes, of course I saw it and he was fabulous.

3.  My cute bandana I ordered for the marathon! Treat to myself... I hope I love it!

I am in that bizarre hair grow out phase where I can't rock a pony tail yet, but there's still enough to get in my face. I rocked a sweet skull bandana for the midnight 5k and I loved it... so it got me thinking.

Cute right?!?! Okay, the second it shows up... pics!

Alright, 20 miler Sunday. Nice comfortable run tonight and another tomorrow to keep my leggies fresh. Rest Saturday and knock it out. I'm ready! I think.


ps: I am having way too much fun watching Grey's on Netflix and snuggling on the couch with these baby boys every night.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Son of a!

24 days until the big show and I am injured!

Is it my knee? my IT band? shin splints? or anything related to running?

Umm no... I was doing some yard work and baam back outta whack. owww oww

Did I get to put in a leisurely run on this beautiful 62 degree day? No.

Okay enough whining, I'm off to bed... floating on a muscle relaxer, hydrocodone cloud. I better bounce back hella fast!

Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Wow Busy

Well, I'm too full to sleep so I'm bloggin. I told Aaron that I considered blogging and he said, "Well you sure have a lot to talk about."

I do!

I ran the New-Bo Half Marathon lasttt Sunday. It was great, beautiful weather, hilly and a serene trip around CR. Finish time was 2:21. Definitely not a PR, but it was an epic victory because I am so close to the marathon, I don't need to PUSH myself for speed right now... only distance. Do you guys ever sign up for races totally intending to relax and keep it slow and steady... then you get a little race day excitement and ramp it up??? I always do that and regret it. Well, I didn't for New Bo and I felt great and bounced back wonderfully. I could have kept going after 13 which is good because I have a wholeeee lot more to run October 9th.

Are you ever so excited to see a cold drink or yummy treat at the finish line that you have to use both hands?? Oh my god, FRUIT PUNCH GATORADE.... I LOVE YOU! Crazy haired husband, I love you too. *Note: I buzzed his hair later that day.
Okay, next...

I am addicted to GREEN SMOOTHIES! Okay, my current recipe is el boring, but all I do is throw some Kale, a banana, 1/2 cup of mixed berries, 1 tablespoon hemp seeds, 1 tablespoon Dulse flakes (some crazy Main seaweed crap) into a blender with some filtered water and sip sip sip. Note: Green smoothies have been known to boost energy, not early morning beauty.

GUESS WHAT!?!? For my non-facebook friends... we have added to the Scheer brood.

Saturday, I returned to the shelter where we found Buddy Holly Scheer and there he was.

Meet Ritchie Valens Scheer!
We are over the moon! It is awesome to rescue another baby kitty that needs some love. I was so against getting a kitten because people always want the kittens bahh, but the girl talked me into it. She said Buddy would likely respond better to a younger cat since he wouldn't see him as a threat. Since she knew Buddy, I went with it and I'm glad. The boys are currently bathing each other next to me on the couch. TWO DAYS since Ritchie has been home and it is loveeee. Oh and he is a cuddler!

Last but not least...

It friggin' sucked.

I tried to create some enthusiasm at 5am, but it just wasn't there friends. I did it and the pace wasn't anything to write home about. 11:23. UGH! Ego wounded! The last five miles were brutal... BRUTAL. I was tired, crabby and my calves were tight... my gut was stabby. Ouch

So, I sacked up and threw in some walk breaks and got-er-done. Yes, I'm scared of the 20 miler and the 26.2, but they're coming regardless and I'll get through those too. 

How are you peeps??


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Go Ninja Go Ninja GO

Last night was the Ninka 5k and I am definitely up tooooo early this morning. Here's the breakdown of last night's fun run.

Skull Bandana! I had to get my snarly gear on. I wanted to wear my Saucony face mask, but was about two million degrees out. So, my pal Amber picked me up and we headed down at about 9:30pm. Met up with second pal, Lisa and commenced to stand around for a little too long. Ugh. My legs got tighttttt.

There were break dancers and people in way cooler ninja gear than me. The race started and I was relieved to see it run along one of the nicer paved trails in Cedar Rapids. Whew no car concerns! The mood in the air was fun and excitable. I loved seeing everyone's glow in the dark gear as we ran.

Amber and I started out at a good pace. Then, we picked it up and I'm pretty sure she knifed my side somewhere past the turn around. We both had major stitches and I got a tad whiny right past mile 2 after a bug stuck to my eye.

We laughed, we made sarcastic comments, we saw a lady in booty shorts and we had a bang up time.

At the finish... THERE WAS JIMMY JOHNS!

Time? Ummm no clue really. There weren't bibs or chips and I didn't wear my Ipod and I didn't care about it all. Oh and true to form- I forgot to stop the Garmin. I think I was just over 30 minutes somewhere.

Definitely signing up next year!

Half on Sunday!