Saturday, July 16, 2011


Ugh I've been an absent blogger and until my move is done... more of the same... which is not much. So, I'm going on a little hiatus. Still posting on dailymile... so if we aren't buds there... let's fix that.

Guess what I get on Friday?
A dang house... finally!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Dear Toenail,

I didn't need you anyway and guess what... your replacement is already on its way.

Well, I pretty much thought this baby was a goner after Dam to Dam, but it stayed on so I didn't disturb it. But, I was fooled and it was pretty much dead and stuck ontop of a new nail. Purdy, huh?

Good news? It didn't hurt at all.

Have you lost a toenail? Any ideas as to why it happened? I think I may have pulled my sock a tad too tight before the race and it didn't hit me until mile 8... too late.

Onward and Upward with my nine remaining nails!


PS: Thanks to Nikki for joining the party and being my newest follower!

Monday, July 4, 2011


The Alliant Energy Fifth Season Race was this morning. Yes, I willingly got out of bed at 5am to run on the last day of a three day weekend. Actually, it wasn't a big deal since I hardly slept last night.

Breakfast of Champions followed by a Venti Iced Coffee with Non-fat Milk and two Splendas.

Ahhh race ready.

So, obviously I wanted to PR, who doesn't? My last and only 8k was the Turkey Trot in November. 48:37.

So I psyched myself up for some greatness and even lined up wayy closer to the front than usual. Guess what? It wasn't a big deal either. No one was running me down, but beware... it did push me to a fast start out of the gate. This gal... doesn't do fast starts... I'm the strong finisher, but luckily I cooled my jets before I burned out.

Oh and I met up with some of my running peeps! Yes, I have running peeps which is pretty cool since I am crappy at making new friends.

Runners really are just some of the nicest folks out there. I have met so many cool folks through the DailyMile and Blogger... it is so neat that you never hear anyone utter a word of criticism, because we have all missed runs, made mistakes and we don't judge. Amen.

Okay, so I came, I saw, I ran, I got tired from mile 3-4, but I pulled it out. Ultimately happy with my performance, because at this point in the game... it was absolutely my hardest effort.


Three minutes under my previous pr? Yeah, I'll take it. Alright, I know lots of you raced this weekend... I hope you're happy with the results!

Happy 4th!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freakin Awesome Sunday!

... and it isn't even over yet.

#1. I got to talk on the phone with my mom. Now this isn't a rareity as we pretty much talk everyday, but I just love her so much and it always makes me feel good to chat with her.

#2. Packet Pick-Up... for my Fifth Season 8k tomorrow. The shirts are cooler this year- I may even race in mine and I found these babies.

Its the Mizuno Wave Inspire. 6? Maybe. Anyway last seasons model, but Running Wild had a bunch of clearance shoes and they had a 10.5 and they were a cute pink and they fit awesome and they were only $45 compared to the $100 they usually sell for.

I have religiously worn the Brooks Adrenaline, but lately I've been wondering if there is a lighter stability shoe out there... and BAAM there she is. I am dying to take them out for a spin, but I'll resist the urge and run in my old trusties tomorrow.

In case you were wonder, Buddy supports this bargain purchase.

#3. I found an awesome shower curtain at Target that will match the existing pink tile in my bathroom. It also has grey in it and I am hoping to paint the walls grey so yay. Whew what a relief!

#4. My cat is adorable and let's me give him tons of kisses with little protest.

Okay one more...