Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Know You Have Lost A Lot of Weight When...

Yep, making a donation to the Goodwill because I won't be fitting in to this again.


ps: finally ran tonight. 5 miles 49:40. Planning on running Thursday and Saturday to prep for my 4th of July 8k. This is my one year race-i-versary! YAYYYY

Saturday, June 25, 2011

This Post Has Nothing to do with Running

Okay, haven't run since Tuesday! This week has been nuts. It was inspection, board meeting and now kitty week.

Buddy is home. Was that part of the plan? Umm no.

I went to visit him Thursday evening after my meeting and the second I saw him... I knew something wasn't right. His breathing was labored, he was drooling and he didn't move. HOLY CRAP! MY CAT!

So, apparently some other rascal cat brought a virus in and it spread. This is just what happens at the kitty shelter I guess since they're all in close quarters.

Well, he went to the vet (all the scary tests were negative). Buddy should be fine in a few days... antibiotics and rest are in order.

Anyway, we decided it was best to bring him home early... no it isn't perfect... this isn't our nice new house, but it isn't a shelter cage. We've got toys and food and plenty of empty boxes for him to lay in.

Buddy is on the rebound and I love watching him get stronger and more confident in his surroundings.

Run tomorrow.
Buddy today.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wowza Wednesday.

Okay, let's just say that today was awesome.

#1. My house inspection came back great! Nothing but a clogged sink and a couple outlets that need to be swapped. Whew! For a house born in 1955, that is pretty darn good.

#2. Last weekend we went to peruse the kitty shelter. Yes, dangerous territory... but we are getting so close to closing and Aaron and I have been dreaming about getting a kitty... well since there was an "Aaron and I." We went in just planning to look and play. Then we spotted him...
When Aaron walked by, his paw shot through the cage and that was pretty much it. Meet Buddy.

Since we haven't quite closed yet and our apartment is a total disaster they're going to hold him for us for a couple weeks and we can visit as much as we want. It was hard to leave him behind, but we didn't want to bring him into one home just to move to another.

I miss him already!

Okay, I guess that's it. Oh and my mommy-in-law took us out for Red Lobster birthday dinner. I'm on cloud nine folks. Seriously.


ps: today was a rest day, my left knee was sore from all the running yesterday. Going to try and get out Thursday early am or late evening. Dang night meetings.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Go Shorty Its Yo Birthday

Yep. Falon turned 27 today which didn't seem like much of an adjustment since I've been telling people (accidentally, no really my memory is that poor) I was 27 all year long. Maybe that has earned me the right to re-do 26. Thoughts?

I am psyched for 27! Bring it!

Why? You might ask.
Well, let me take the opportunity to ramble off a few things that are going to make 27 ROCKIN'!

#1. This Guy

Aaron, you're the ice cream to my cone yo. ps: That birthday card was the sweetest shit I've ever read. Me and this jokester will be going on four years of marriage and six years of domestic bliss this year.

#2. HOUSE! I have a friggin' house to paint and mow and love... well I will in a couple weeks...

#3. 27 is the year I run the big MARATHON.
I may also be so giddy because I got in 8 miles! 1:20 which is a 10 min pace. On a Tuesday night!
Maybe I am a real runner after all.

Thanks for kicking my ass Amber Cook.
You are fast and maybe if we run together more I will too be fast one day.

Hope everyone had a great day, I know I did.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

With a Little Help From Our Friends...

Katie and I met for a run this morning. It was hot and I was dreading the day ahead. Why? Because we had planned an afternoon of cleaning all our junk out of our in laws basement. OY! We had at least a ga-billion pounds of crap to sift through.

But, when Katie suggested it on Saturday I thought of how much I missed hangin' with my friend and how good a run sounded.

Tip #1: If you think you're going to flake on a run... make a date!

Now, Katie hadn't done a five miler for awhile so she was a little hesitant. We took off with the understanding that we'd slow down or walk if needed. When we left she even said- she'd turn around and come back alone if she got pooped. Did she??? Hell to the no!!!

We huffed and puffed and sweated our buns off for the full five in the full sun no less!

Tip #2: Lean on your pals to get you through a tough spot. No words are more encouraging than the ones you hear from your friends.

Anyway, Happy Pa Day.
Hope everyone had a good weekend with good runs.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Freakin' Day

First of all, I have to say thanks to all my peeps. Wow peeps- I haven't even met most of you, but I feel like we're buds and your encouraging words about the house situation really made me smile and breathe a little easier.

Thank you for listening and lending me some good advice. You runners are just stand up people and I love ya.

Now... epic day...

First of all... after a 10 day drought...I RAN AGAIN! FINALLY!
Rocking one of my new Under Armour Heat Gear shirts I got with my birthday giftcard. Thanks Angie!

5 miles in 50:28 (10:04 pace). Not bad, not bad at all. Did I have to work for it? Yeah a little more than usual, but I'm icing and it is all good.

Secondly, what prompted me to withdrawl my head from my butt and run?


Epic win for the Scheer family today and it only took three counter offers! We went out for a celebratory dinner and found some cute vintage dishes at the Goodwill. I am usually not into the Goodwill because I only thought of it as being a poorly organized clothing emporium, but we scored some cute loot! Since my house was built in 1955, I want to play up the retro vibe in the kitchen. So, I'm on the hunt for anything old and special.

Here's a peek at what I found:

Oh and we got a headboard and footboard for our bed... real wood... great shape... $7.38. Seriously people.
Ah, I wish we could move in tomorrow, but as you all know things just don't move that quickly in real estate land. At least I can let out a big sigh of relief and wait for the next minor disaster to come our way.

As soon as they slap a SOLD on the sign... I am so there with my camera getting a blog picture. I promise!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So Here's The Story...

I'm not dead and I haven't broken any bones ending my running love affair. That being said, I still haven't run since Dam to Dam. Not one time with countless opportunities to sweat in the sunshine.

I am tired...I am anxious...my mind has been working and dreaming in overtime. Work has been fine, Aaron is fine (still wicked cute too), but this whole trying to buy a house thing... not fine.

So, where we went wrong was... we fell in love with a house. Apparently doing this before you make an offer and the seller accepts it and what not... just not a good idea. We are still in negotiations over price and what have yous, but sheesh the battle already feels lost. Yes, I am a pessimist, but I am trying to get a little emotional distance from the whole thing.


Anyway, I went to bed at 9pm because I HAVE TO GET UP AT 4:45AM to run. I have to, so I slept for 3 blissful hours and now I'm up again and its 1:00am.

So, I am fighting the mental game.

Things to remember:
  1. Remember that running is a cheap form of therapy. Your best thoughts and ideas come from being out alone on the road.
  2. Also remember, if you don't get the house, that's okay... there are other houses and do you really want to live (run) off the hilliest road in town anyway?
Okay, I am going to drink some ice water and go back to bed. One thing that I will forever cherish about being married to Aaron Scheer... no matter what time of the night it is or how long he has been asleep... he is always receptive to the cuddles. That my friends is some comfort.

Supposedly things will be decided on the house front today so feel free to send your good vibes our way (and if they aren't decided... I'll still work on being chill).

Tomorrow night I'll have a run to report... probably a slow huffy puffy one... but a run!


Thursday, June 9, 2011


I've been sick... which NEVER happens to me... EVER!

Thus, the lack of bloggage.

Good news is... I'm on the upswing. Other good news is...even without skipping any meals this nasty cold virus has eaten some lbs. Bad news is... haven't run since Dam to Dam. Six days... that's a first.

Pro photos were posted from the race and someone needs to tell this damn fool to keep her mouth shut. So, have a laugh at my expense.

You're welcome.

Remember friends... when it comes to race photos, there's excited... there's confident and then there's just plain weird.

Lesson learned... lesson learned.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Arg

  1. I forgot my Blackberry at home... all day long...
  2. My throat it hurts because...
  3. My allergies have flared up something fierce so I go to score the only medicine on earth that works.

10 tablets... over $18 dollars!
I'm going to have to sell a kidney on the black market if these allergies don't chill
On the bright side... I made kabobs in the broiler ...

They were Yummmmmy!

Oh and my toenail is still on! Just bruised!
Oh and I'm going to bed.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Race Run Through: Dam to Dam

I was off work Friday... HOORAY!

So, I took off to Des Moines with my trusty race wingwoman aka my mother-in-law.

Downtown Des Moines is actually pretty nice. Well maintained and high traffic.

Packet Pick-Up was a Zooooo even at 2:30pm. Did everyone take the day off?

Yes tons of people, but the organizers and volunteers had their ducks in a row... me and my m-i-l were outta there in 15 minutes flat. Do you guys socialize with strangers at packet pick-up? I don't. I'm a crappy socializer in general.

DAM TO DAM bag. Yeah I know, pretty exciting, but I do get an "A" for enthusiasm.
After we got our packets we went to the mall for some dinner and retail therapy. Jordan Creek Mall, you are awesome.

I got to sleep around 10pm set three alarms and a wake up call for 4:30am! Which seems so dang early, but it was so hot... I would've started racing at 5:00am! Got up, got dressed and decided to be safe and ditch the skirt since I hadn't had a proper long run in it. Picked at a bagel and devoured a Venti Iced Coffee with Skim Milk and three Splendas! It was heaven. I know, how can I drink all that coffee and race? Doesn't it kill my gut? Short Answer: No, no it doesn't. I'm a bonafide coffee drinker and I pick at the bagel to absorb some acid. I also drink a bottle of water while drinking my massive coffee.

Pre-race psych up pose and we're off! Off to Merle Hay mall to catch a bus, the bus idea was genius since our start was off the beaten path and with limited parking. So, the m-i-l dropped me off and I sat next to a comical gentleman as we headed to Saylorville Dam. There was so much nervous energy and excitement on the bus... it really echoed how I was feeling.
We get to the start, no camera... I didn't want to deal with the whole checking a bag ordeal. Port-o-jons.... bazillions of them... I made it through three times (HELLO 32 OZ OF COFFEE, WATER AND SOME G2!) then when the 15 minute countdown was on, I took my Cliff Shot and chased it with a little wah wah.
The temp was mid 70's and as humid as possible.

I took my spot behind the 10 minute mile sign... pretty far behind actually because there were 11,000 runners and I'm sure at least 8,000 were in front of me. I didn't even hear the gun go off or the national anthem! Now that's crazy, just a taste of what it'll be like in Chicago. So we're off, walking for a minute then jogging at an 11/min pace... still no start line.... OH THERE IT IS!

6 1/2 minutes to cross the start my friends, so it may have been a 20k, but I'm sure I got that extra 1k in before I even started.

Mile 1-3 uneventful, nice and flat. Lots of road bikers, spectators and random passers by cheering.

Saw my running buddy Lisa somewhere around mile 3-4. I had looked for her tirelessly in the beginning... I figured I was bound to see her since I was hanging by the banos and everyone needs a bano, but no luck. So glad I got to see her running strong and smiling big... I love other runners that run for the love of it.

Passed an elite on mile 5-6, no really, he was walking clutching his gut and I passed him.

Took another gel on mile 5. Crossed over interstate 80, which was pretty sweet to hear all the honks and hollers from drivers.

There were some AWESOME folks with a vat of ice around mile 8. I grabbed a handful and tucked some under my hat and in my bra. Ahhhhhh it felt awesome.

The last 4 miles is when people started to succomb to the heat and exhaustion of the race. It is freaky to pass people laying on sidewalks, legs in the air, people fanning and hydrating them. Luckily they HAD people there to help and lots of emergency vehicles along the way.

Took maybe half of another gel around mile 10. I got my groove back because I hit a little slow down around miles 7-8.

Miles 10 and on were my favorite. Just seeing the downtown and passing bands jamming out along the course... ziinnngggg energy.... Finalllllyyyyyy I was the one passing people saying, "We're almost there... just a little further!"

And then it was over.

2:10:02 chip time and it was a success! No I didn't place or finish in the top 100, but it was a success because I felt good enough to keep smiling and stay strong across the finish line.
How do you gauge race success? Medals? PRs?

Yayy. They had sweet post race food too.... chocolate milk, powerade, bananas, bbq sandwiches and

Holy freaking cow this popcorn is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmazing!
Pop-Pops got it going on.

Aches? Just a little in the usual spots... knees and my feets- no crazy foot pain like my last half.
I did ice this time and boyyy did it make a difference. Ahhhhh.


Yes, one...

That poorly drawn arrow should be pointing at the toe next to my big toe. OWWWWW The last leg of the race I started to realize that is was rubbing bad. Why? Not sure... I was wearing the same socks and shoes I always wear to run long, but lucky for me... the toenail is still on. Bruised? Possibly.

How to you deal with that? I have never had a toenail beating before and I'd prefer to never have another one. Advice?

Okay, that's all I rambled on a lot, but Dam to Dam rocked. That is all.


ps: HUGE THANKS TO ALL MY BLOG FRIENDS AND NON-BLOG FRIENDS FOR ALL THE ENCOURAGEMENT! I think of your kind words when the race gets tough... love you guys!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Dam to Dam 2011
Chip Time: 2:10:02

Full recap tomorrow, now time for sleep.


Thursday, June 2, 2011



Does that sound like a
lucky number to you?

It is Dam to Dam weekend! Finally! This will probably be the biggest race I have done in regards to volume of participants. The race is full at 11,000! That's a lot of people! I guess there are usually around 10,000 spectators... way to go Iowa. I'll be MIA on the blog scene until my post race report.

It has been a short and stressful work week, but I am so ready to just let it all go and run strong. I don't really have any time goals for this one... I imagine I'll come in between 2:05-2:10. We shall see!

Time to make my playlist for the race! In a longer distance race I usually start out with slower songs so I don't come out of the gate too fast... then at about half way through, I build up to the fist pumpers.

First two songs on my playlist...

"Beast of Burden" by The Rolling Stones. Such a good song, you have to listen to it twice.

Alright I'm painting my nails a cute green to match my race outfit... yes I'm just that dorky. Color? OPI Gargantuan Green Grape!

Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Safety First!

As I was running tonight in the dark I thought,  "Hey it can be dangerous to be a lady running out at night... even on a well lit street in a decent part of town where the cops constantly circle."

I often harp on the fact that it isn't fair that I have to consider my safety so much more than my darling spouse, but even with the whining... I do consider my safety.

What did Falon do tonight to keep her arse safe?

#1. MACE
That's right. I bought some Jogger's Best Friend Mace at Dick's Sporting Goods for $8.99. Now Mace isn't going to get you out of every situation, but I honestly believe that the threat of any self defense can diffuse potentially dangerous situation. Psychos don't want you to fight back. Most of the time it is around my wrist, but if I get a weird vibe about an area or a pedestrian up ahead, I can easily slide it down over my hand. At first it was weird to having anything additional on my wrist, but now I don't go on a solo run without it.

#2: Head Lamp

The head lamp takes a little adjustment, but it really is best worn over a hat or visor. I got a Princeton Tec, again from Dick's, for $17.99. It has four different settings including a flashing light which I use most often. I can usually see the ground since I only run in high traffic areas at night with lots of street lamps, but the head lamp gets the attention of oncoming traffic.

#3 and #4: Reflecto Vest and Bright Clothing

Distracted or agressive drivers are more terrifying than potential attackers, but I do what I can to share the road and go above and beyond to make sure they see me. Thus, the reflective vest ( el cheapo at Target) and the bright clothing tend to work well. Coupled with the head lamp... no sighted person is missing me.

#5: No trails in the dark.
Pretty obvious one isn't it?!?

Yes, unfortunately accidents do happen even when you do your best to prepare and prevent, but with a little preparation and a tiny bit of cash... I think you can run on safely in most settings.

What do you do to keep yourself safe? Do you avoid night running altogether?

Happy Running Day!
Thanks to my new followers for joining the par-tay.