Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chipotle Chicken Burgers

So, people are always blogging food which makes me drool. I'm going to give it a shot. I impulse bought some ground chicken at the store yesterday and decided to give chicken burgers a shot.

95/5 Ground Chicken Burger
Fresh Jalapeno Diced

Mix  it up- patty it out and throw it in the pan with a little cooking spray.

I put some Mrs Dash ontop... you know Mrs Dash used to be all boring Table Blend crap, but she is really hipping it up lately.

Since I found some awesome paper thin pitas I put one in the oven for 5 minutes and cut it out. Slathered on a dollop of fat free refried beans, a few slices of avocado and a little shredded cheese.
Enter burger... and taco sauce.
My food motto: Everything is better with some taco sauce.

 I'd also like to add that it is Saturday night, I'm only 26 years old
and yes... I'm on the couch watching...
The Vampire Diaries... on DVD because I own it and that's how I roll.


Hills?! Say What!?!?

Well, Dam to Downtown 10k was this morning. I have been slacking the past few weeks on my training- so I was a teeny bit nervous.

Yes, for some reason I always pose like this. Hello excitement.

Lesson learned today: When the course description is peculiarly vague... investigate... because there are probably HILLS ALL OVER THE PLACE! HILL AT THE START! HEARTBREAK HILL'S COUSIN AT MILE 1.5.

Wow folks.
Good news... those hills made me bring it and I sure did. We actually started on the Coralville Dam which was pretty cool and windy.

I ran this race solo with my pal Angie sending me off and greeting me at the finish...

Isn't she so cute and awesome!?! Isn't my face ridiculously red?!?

5 Weeks until Dam to Dam in Des Moines 20k.


ps: this song saved me around mile 4. love you florence...


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 Mile Morning

See, I am trying to get over this crappy mind-set:
I don't have enough time to run want I want to run, so I'll wait or blow it off for tomorrow.
Hello! That is just dumb and I know it. Three miles is better than no freaking miles. Use the time you have and really... thirty minutes of rigorous cardio is a lovely way to start the day.

So, I drug my lazy, yet lovely arse outta bed at 5am and decided to see just how much light was in the sky at that hour.

Guess what? Not a lot, but you know the presence of street lamps never quite occurred to me. I saw everything fine and by the time I hit my turn around the sky had lightened remarkably. I even decided to flip my headlamp around and set it to flash so the traffic at my back saw me.

I thought my duds were pretty reflecto too.

Ran: 3.53 Miles in 35 Minutes which is a 10:03 pace. Not bad for an easy run.
Excited for the 10k Saturday. I've done a 5k, 8k, 21k. Never a 10k... I love automatic PRs. Woot


ps: Thanks to the few and the brave that shared a tad bit of themselves on yesterday's blog. Love ya ladies.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Born This Way

Okay, so I'm a GLEEK and yes, this blog used to be about marathon training. (It will be about that again... soon... I promise.)

Anyway, tonight's episode was all about loving yourself in spite of yourself.

Who can't name 10 flaws or weaknesses in 10 seconds? I know I can.

Now, how quickly can you name 10 freakin' awesome things about yourself? I'll start by telling you one:
You're smart! (because you're reading this geeky blog- obviously)

So, I want my friends to comment on this blog, comment on my facebook, comment in your own blog or around the water cooler.

Sure... name a flaw because its easy and we're not conceited if we do... but then think of THREE amazing things about yourself that make that flaw not matter...not one damn bit.

Here... I'll start.

Flaw = Me and Mike Chang... we can't sing! Seriously, I'd love to sing... I do sing often in my car, but it is terrible and I know it. How do I know it? Well, in 4th grade... I got the bright idea to tape record myself singing Boyz II Men's "II" album as good as I could. Guess what... good never showed.

Awesomeness= #1. I am funny. Really, I can be and I have never heard anyone toss out obscenities as creatively as me. If you're gonna cuss, add some flair I say. #2. I am reliable in relationships and in work and in life. Except in rare, rare instances... I do exactly what I say I'm going to. #3. I am tough. I don't shy away from the road less travelled and good or bad... I never make it easy on myself. Grrr

See! Not so bad. Why do you love you?


Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainy Day Mondays

Well, the weather outside is still frightful... it is almost MAY! No snow, just rainnnnn. But, you know what... go ahead mother nature. Rain every Monday if you want, I rest Mondays! HA!

After reading that the majority of runners run at 5am... I decided to not be so whiny and get outside. Yes, it'll be dark, but I got a little cheapo headlamp to guide me. If I actually get to use it tomorrow morning... I'll take a picture. I have a feeling that it'll still be pouring come 5am... so I'll be running after work.

In an attempt to eat better at lunch I've been on a salad kick...

Not so bad for tossing something together on the fly, eh? Unfortunately, my low sodium turkey breast did not fair the weekend in the work fridge so I had to toss it out and go sans meat. No worries. The salad kick has lead me to rediscover radishes.

Also, I am in love with Newman's Honey Mustard Dressing... Mmmm use it sparingly... unlike this photo because the taste it pretty strong.

Blog friends, if you have any suggestions for other lighter and/or creative salad dressings... feel free to share. I am always looking for new flavors and I like everything that isn't Blue Cheese. Eww.

Alright, off to bed!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Runday


What a nice relaxing Sunday. I know, I've been an absent blogger. Truthfully, I've been busy and haven't had much to say. The running has been so so and I have still not been able to ease into a consistent, comfortable routine.

Like every other runner girl... I am reading Kara's book. So far, I like it which is good since I paid list price for it at Barnes and Noble. I bought it searching for some renewed inspiration and it has fit the bill.

Yesterday I ran 3.57 miles. The first mile or so I felt a lot of self doubt. Maybe its the weather or my new schedule, but I've just lot a little zest for life and my running goals. But, as I hit my turn around and my stride came.

Today, I got started later than normal, but even just running two days in a row made me feel more on track. So, I assembled a Sunday Runday playlist... I am trying to run slower on Sundays so I put a bunch of slower songs together... here's a snapshot. Long runs are nice, I feel more focused on my breath and form so slow jams aid my introspection.

Then, I came home and moooooowed down some chicken tacos... well I only had one, but my better half killed four of them. 

Its been a good weekend... hope you enjoyed your holiday.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5k Wrap Up and Another Attempt at an Evening Run...

So, Saturday my momma came for a visit!

Isn't she so freakin' cute!?!? No, we look nothing alike and she's
incredibly kind and I'm kinda of crabby, but she swears she's my mom.

Since it was kind of a special weekend and we had no plans... I last minute registered for the Linn Co Public Health 5k on Saturday morning. I hadn't run a 5k since October and with all my running and my half under my belt I was curious to see what my time was. My last 5k time was 30 minutes, 31 seconds and on Saturday I ran:

Hollllahhhhh! For a girl that used to run 14 minute miles... is that even considered runnning???  Anyway, I was pleased with my time and more than that I felt amazing. The race flew by and the two considerable hills didn't phase me.

There's me hauling ass toward the finish line.

Anyway, I took Sunday off (expecting a gigantic storm- which never came) and Monday... because I was mostly tired and whiny. Tonight I turned in 5 miles and felt good. Why can't it be 60 degrees year round?

Eyes on the prize... next race:
April 30th!

Did I mention how much I love racing season?


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Three

1. I made it outta bed again! Had to be ready even earlier since I was going to Des Moines for work today. Nothing like spending four out of eight hours in the car. Yawn.

*It occured to me this morning that you've really made some progress as a runner when you consider three miles nothing. Really, three miles is my lazy run distance... how funny is that!?!

2. I had Subway for lunch and I think I can definitively say "I don't like Subway." Seriously, maybe I'm just not hip to the whole sub thing. I used to like them... I think, but ewww.

3. Since I drove myself to and from Iowa City today, I listened to the same album three times. Have you heard of "The Xx" No? Well... they rock.

Randomly yours,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Two... still on track

Well, I considered blowing off Body Pump this morning and just going after work. See this is the trap I set for myself because I know damn well that there is no way I am elbowing my way into the crazy crowded Y come 6 c'clock.
Does anyone else like posting bizarre photos of themselves?
No? Maybe that's just me then.

So, I drag my sorry ass outta bed only to attend the worlds dullest Body Pump class. The same lady teaches all the early am classes at the Y and boy she's a real snoozer. I know, its early! How can I expect her to be peppy? BECAUSE it is her dang job! Okay, maybe she isn't that terrible, but the Saturday morning girls are so fun and spunky... she just looks crappy in comparison.

Anyway, enough about that... I do Body Pump because I hate traditional weight training. I just get bored and fidgety. If I work in Body Pump twice a week, I feel like I'm getting good consistent strength training. My new schedule makes it tough though... I couldn't stay for the whole hour today... I missed lunges, shoulders (my favorite) and abs! I need a new Wednesday plan... do I dare make myself go after work or just do circuit training at home?

What do you all do to pump the iron?
I need tips.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I made it!

Since March 21st, I have been sooo off track with my weekly running schedule. Before then... my schedule read like so:

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Easy Recovery Run
Wednesday: Cross Training
Thursday: Moderate Run
Friday: Speedwork Run
Saturday: Cross Training
Sunday: Long Run

But, when I started my new fabulous job, in a new fabulous city (45 minutes away), I was struggling to get back on track.

This morning... at 4:30 a.m., I took my first step towards reclaiming my routine.

Wahoooo and I felt great all day at my still sorta new totally fabulous job thinking of my fabulous morning workout.

 Bed now!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Ok... so a tiny little owwwie

First of all, AskCoachJenny on Facebook freakin' rocks! Why? Because Jenny Hadfield will answer any of your dang questions!

Who is Jenny Hadfield? Oh, I'm glad you asked. She's a contributing writer on Runner's World, she's a certified coach and personal trainer and she also co-wrote my marathon bible, Marathoning for Mortals. Basically, I think she is awesome and motivating and has a great outlook on active lifestyles.

So, the foot prob... well it kind of came out of nowhere and I'm trying to trace back how this all got started, but my Half Marathon recovery showed me I had a problem. Typically considering my knees the weak link... I was shocked at how much the outside of my feet hurt.

*Note: The following photo contains horrific lack-o-pedicure.
So, the weird thing is... It only happens at mile 7 mile and beyond. Which makes me extra nervous to begin marathon training next month, but I'm going to solve this mystery.

Now, I am considering Coach Jenny's suggestion about reviewing terrain. I have spent the last five months running indoors on a cushiony track. Now... pavement. I first noticed the pain after pounding the pavement for the 13.1 miles! Then again the following Sunday after seven miles. For now, I'm going to press on and ease back on to the concrete gently. If the pain persists in a few weeks, then maybe I'll re-examine the shoe situation. Truly, I can't imagine a better fit for my foot than my Adrenalines and I hope it doesn't come to that.

First EARRRRLY morning run of the season tomorrow friends! Hello Marion, Iowa at 5:00 a.m.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

70 Degrees! Say What!?!?

I was overjoyed to see my Blackberry WeatherBug App proclaim that today's high was in the 70's! Iowa has not seen 70 degrees in so damn long, I forgot what it felt like. So, even with some sore pecs and hammys I decided there was NO WAY I was going to give up a great day like this.

At about 2pm, I pulled up my compression socks and hit the trail for a short n sweet five miles.

In shorts! and a tee! and I was even happy to get hot. Yes, I'm weird.

Some of you may be wondering what's with the tall old people socks. Well, initially I had purchased them with the intention of recovery. So, I did that for awhile and then the dude at Running Wild, said "You know, you can wear these while you're running too."

Oddly enough it never occured to me, but I have been trying them here and there and so far I'm lovin it. My legs just feel supported and strong. The CW-X Ventilator is the sock I've been using and it is so thin that I don't feel smothered by them at all! God they look ridiculous though... I need some in fun colors.

I just love the slow ebb and flow of Sunday... it used to be my most hated day of the week and now... I've come to love it.

Relax on friends,


ps: If anyone is on the DailyMile... Friend me! I am new to the site, but I'm loving it!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts,
there can be no more hurt, only more love.

-Mother Teresa